Jerusalem Tours

Jerusalem Tours

  • From Zion Gate to Jaffa Gate

    It is impossible to stay in Jerusalem without visiting the Old City's stone alleys, the four quarters, or the Western Wall; the Old City tells the story of many battles and myths, of various religions and cultures. This is one of the classic Jerusalem tours of the Old City, and one of the most fascinating. Walk through the Old City Walls to the famous Dormition Abbey built as a memorial for Virgin Marie, see the marvelous views of Hinnom Valley and Sultan's Pool, and many more.
  • Jerusalem at Nightfall

    Many Jerusalem sites are best seen at nightfall. The peace and quiet that surround you, the cool Jerusalem air, even in the hot summer months, the special lightning (or darkness) and of course the atmosphere, all of these makes Jerusalem even more special at night. This tour will show you the most beautiful and romantic spots to visit at nightfall in Jerusalem, from the observation point on the Mount of Olives to the Old City and the Western Wall. 
  • The Jewish Quarter

    Where else in the world would you be able to find a 2000 years old Jewish home inside a man's private basement? Or an archeological museum of priests who served at the Temple in a basement underneath a modern Yeshiva? Take this tour and find out for yourself! 
  • Ein Kerem

    The artistic and magical Ein Kerem neighborhood will reveal sweet secrests from a forgotten history, legends and anecdotes from the Jewish, Muslim and Christian traditions. Beautiful murals, and fascinating love stories wait for you in this beautiful and unique spot. 
  • Mount Zion and its Surroundings

    Located South West of the Old City, Mount Zion's important to Judaism, Islam and Christianity make it a fascinating place, overflowing with endless traditions, legends, as well as archeological and historical buildings and structures.